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What is STD?

STD is an abbreviation of Sexually transmitted diseases, which are often spread by sexual intercourse. The most common STDs includes HIV, genital herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, etc.

What is the STD Community?

STD community is a group of people living with STDs in the purpose of finding support, friendship, information, and treatment, etc. It connects STD people in the same boat together where they don't need to worry about discrimination and loneliness.

It aims to make STD life better and easier. You are not alone.

What is STD Dating Site?

STD dating site provides a comfortable and private place for singles to find a match. Actually, living with one virus doesn't define who you are or limit what you are looking for. It's just a virus.

This kind of dating avoids awkward STD disclosure. You don't need to worry about how to tell potential match the truth and the possible rejection. People with the same STI will understand you and both of you can support each other better.

STD dating sites create a new channel for people in need to meet and date someone with STDs too.

Why join is not only a community group but also a dating site. Among so many STD dating sites, there are some top reasons for you to choose the site.

  1. You can post a lifetime profile for free;
  2. You can upload many photos (52 in total). For most dating sites, users can only allow posting 5-10 photos;
  3. Private album. You can upload photos to this album to protect your privacy by managing the access;
  4. Live chat & Chat room;
  5. The mobile-friendly site and STD dating apps. Yes, this means that you can log in and check messages any time and anywhere;
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  7. Privacy and visibility settings for profiles and photos;
  8. Highlighted profiles and show the profiles at the top position of searches;
  9. STD counselor, Live support and 24*7 customer services;
  10. Much more other popular features.

How does this site work?

It's easy and simple to use the STD dating service.

how std dating site work

  1. Just a few clicks to create an anonymous profile;
  2. Browse and visit profiles by using the feature "Search". You can change filters to change search results;
  3. Chat with potential matches by the feature "Messages". Premium members can initiate sending messages and standard members can reply to messages from premium members for free.
  4. After a few messages, most of our members can find their perfect match. Congrats if you found someone you love. If you didn't find in a short time, be patient. They may be in the way to come.

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